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Dealing with the Public


oes your work bring you into contact with using addicts?

Would you like to know more about NA, in order to tell them about us?

If so, the Greater Los Angeles Area Public Information Committee is eager to hear from you! We have been set up to increase awareness of the existence of NA, how it works and who it’s for, both amongst the public in general, and professionals in particular.

We would be happy to send you leaflets and local helpline numbers, for your own information and/or to pass on to your clients.
We can arrange a panel presentation, tailored to the requirements of your organization, to explain how NA works and to answer your questions.
(One month’s notice required).

Contact us at:

GLAA Public Information Committee, PO BOX 512421,
Los Angeles, CA
or e-mail GLAA Public Information at:

[email protected]

For further
on-line information about how NA works with Professionals,
take a look at our
World Service Office website.