Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Area of Narcotics Anonymous

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Please Note:  Due to the current COVID-19 Virus – Our regular meeting schedule has changed. We are encouraging our NA groups to follow current orders as directed from Los Angeles County Health Inspector which can be viewed here.  The order suggests a temporary prohibition of events and gatherings of 10 or more persons at a time.

We are asking that those addicts currently seeking a 12-step meeting at this time to visit our Virtual Meeting page, which contains links to various Online/phone meetings happening at this time.

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Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Area of Narcotics Anonymous

The Greater Los Angeles Area of Narcotics Anonymous is home to over 70 local meetings held throughout the Los Angeles area. You can find NA meetings throughout the day, 7 days a week. Since 1991, the Greater Los Angeles has helped thousands of addicts seek recovery and continues to grow strong.

Learn the history of Greater Los Angeles Narcotics Anonymous here.

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Narcotics Anonymous Meetings are held at different times of the day, 7-days per week.
Our meetings are open to anyone seeking recovery from active addiction and the newcomer is the most important person in any meeting. There are different formats and suggested rules to the meetings, which you can find out in area meeting directories, or even by calling our Na phonelines.

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Our literature states that “an addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live”. Hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world have found this truth by living the Narcotics Anonymous Program. We Live by a set of principles so simple that you can follow them in your daily lives.

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